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Genius Sports announced yesterday that it would be partnering with global tournament organizer DreamHack. The sports data technology company will become Dreamhack’s data and integrity partner for all future festivals and competitions.

“We are very pleased to team up with Genius Sports and have them assisting us with our ongoing integrity work across all our pro tournaments,” Marcus Lindmark, CEO of DreamHack, said of the partnership. “But we’re equally excited to have them as our official data partner and bring live data to their network of partners around the world.”

Genius will not only help protect DreamHack competitions from suspicious gambling patterns and match-fixing but will also gather data from all DreamHack events to supply “data-driven solutions to the media industry,” according to a press release from Genius.

Mortiz Maurer, Head of Esports at Genius Sports, went into detail:

“This partnership is the latest example of an esports rights holder taking control of the data that powers betting markets on their matches in order to protect its integrity. It’s also an exciting new commercial opportunity for DreamHack and one that we are in a unique position to facilitate through our unrivaled highly regulated distribution arm.”

This move isn’t the first for Genius in the esports market, as the company also partnered with FACEIT for a similar arrangement in April of this year. Additionally, Dota 2 has recently been a victim of match-fixing allegations, with Sportradar handling the gambling fraud and match-fixing detection for the Esports Integrity Coalition.

More and more tournament hosts are partnering with betting and integrity management companies, especially as esports continues to try to legitimise itself in the eyes of the traditional sports world. With companies playing watch-dog for tournament organizers, not only will the average spectator have a better experience, but the greatest threat to legitimacy, match-fixing, is less likely to go undetected and unpunished.

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