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Yes, so the past day PUBG has been actively updating and patching. From two tweets we know that the silent patch is over and match statistics should work properly now, but that is not the only update for the past day.

The tweet that gave us the important information about the match statistics patch, is 22 hours old, and just 15 hours ago PUBG tweeted again. For most players this tweet was irrelevant, but it means alot even for me, a player in the europe region.

At first the tweet was very vague and it was a bit hard to understand, which confused me greatly. But, in reality the importance of the tweet lies in the simple words.

The First Person Squad mode was finally released for SA, SEA and OCE. The new leaderboard season was ment to be a conclusion from the earlier patch to be a heads up that it is over. Due to the patch being silent it means it would run in the background on the servers without impacting gameplay.


The above tweet was the one informing the community of the silent patch, the patch was much expected and brought no surprise. luckily it was easily executed and the leaderboards and match statistics should be functional.

Happy playing, Players.

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