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We have finally gotten some more information not only on the XBOX release but also on the PC 1.0 release. Sadly we have no concurrent date on the release of either, however, what we do have is some knowledge not only of the changes coming but also on when we can expect to see the Xbox release out.

Many of the PC 1.0 testings is being done atm. This includes testing and optimizing features such as vaulting and climbing, there is also the finalizing of the desert map and its new features and content. This means that for now the test servers updates will not be transferred to the live servers until they believe it is sorted out so that nothing out of expectation happens.

All of the content will be tested for at least a month, that is what Hawkinz expresses and emphasizes. Hawkinz is a Community Coordinator and Administrator on the official PUBG Forum. It is exactly because of his forum post that we have the news and details to make some very qualified assumptions.

First of all, we already knew that the Xbox release coming out was more of a testing, which means that the release will be for Xbox Game Preview, not to confuse with the Xbox Insider Program, but it will be a good way to also help promote the game for the Xbox console.

Back to the talk about the live servers standing still for some time, due to the testing phase taking a long time, up to more than a month, there are no plans to update or patch the live server for the next period of time. An exception to this is this week though, where already today there was a patch to the PUBG live servers.

The plans for the last patch this week is minor bug fixes, such as a spectator mode bug where the UI of the weapons flickers or sometimes disappears for long periods. The only actual gameplay patch is meant to balance the Northeast side of the current map Erangel, by lowering the item spawn levels for the Starting Island.

Hawkinz conveys in his post that by the end of this year, the PC 1.0 version and the Xbox Game Preview will be launched, and I dare not say that Hawkinz is wrong because, since March 23rd when PUBG launched in its Alpha state, the game was a baby. Eventually, babies grow up, and my personal opinion on PUBG is that it’s soon ready to expand and become a real game. I, like many others, am looking forward to playing PUBG at the start of 2018.

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