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One of the most prolific Overwatch rosters in the game’s short history announced it will be disbanding, after failing to secure an Overwatch League franchise position.

According to a tweet, Rogue will be releasing all of its contracted players to allow them to
pursue spots on Overwatch League teams.

According to a tweet sent out by the team’s official Twitter account, Rogue will be releasing all of its contracted players to allow them to pursue spots with Overwatch League teams. Rogue was reportedly unable to obtain an OWL slot, despite “procuring the buy-in money and going through the whole approval process.”

Additionally, an ESPN report revealed that Rogue attempted to sell its entire roster after being turned down for an OWL spot, but was also unsuccessful there. ESPN also reports that former Rogue roster members Benjamin “uNKOWE” Chevasson and Terence “SoOn” Tarlier will sign with the as-of-yet unnamed Immortals franchise based out of Los Angeles.

Rogue will also reportedly not fully vacate the Overwatch space, and will “continue to pursue putting together more great teams in the future and hope next time be able to keep what we’ve worked so hard to build.” The organization’s frustration is understandable, given the team’s massive success in Overwatch. However, Rogue become just another casualty on Blizzard’s path to build the League, which has included squads from endemic stalwarts such as Counter Logic Gaming, Ninjas in Pyjamas, Team Liquid, and Evil Geniuses.

The road to the Overwatch League Season One’s opening day has been exceedingly turbulent, even as it approaches the December 6th deadline. There’s plenty of work still to be done on all sides, as teams begin to develop new branding, rosters are pulled in from across the globe, and a distinct concentration of Western-based teams and owners begins to show.

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