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Rumors swirled on Friday as internet detectives (in the form of dedicated fans, at least) uncovered a set of two trademark filings that could end up being OWL franchise brands. If true, coming soon to the Overwatch League will be NRG Esports’ San Francisco Shock and NY Mets owner Joe Wilpon’s New York Excelsior.

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In evaluating these postings, it’s easy to see why fans believe them to be real. The New York Excelsior, for example, outright states that the trademark owner is the “OWL NYC LLC,” and is related to entertainment shows and competitions in the field of video and computer games. As the only New York OWL franchise, Jeff Wilpon’s esports organization may be the only one that fits into that narrow of a category.

The San Francisco Shock claim, however, is less obvious. The filed owner is a mysterious “Three Kings Enterprises LLC,” and the trademark’s listed goods and services include a lot more than Excelsior’s filing. Notably, two of the SF franchise’s co-founders, Andy Miller and Mark Mastrov of NRG Esports, are both co-owners of the NBA Sacramento Kings franchise. It’s not too far a stretch to see Matrov and Miller, along with the third NRG co-founder Gerard Kelly, calling themselves the “Three Kings.”

Fans are incredibly excited to see what new team brands are created for the much-hyped and highly anticipated Overwatch

Further Reddit detective work unveiled a Three Kings Enterprises LLC founded in Delaware on June 26, 2017 (File #6458761), but also a locked Twitter account (created last month) that names the San Francisco Shock as a soccer club. Further muddying the waters, Major League Soccer already has a team in San Francisco—the SF Deltas, a Division II soccer club playing the North American Soccer League.

So, while nothing is concrete (and while some of this may indeed be purposeful misdirection by OWL franchise owners), one thing is abundantly clear—that fans are incredibly excited to see what new team brands are created for the much-hyped and highly anticipated Overwatch League. Two brands so far have been officially confirmed, the Shanghai Dragons and Dallas Fuel, while a third franchise in LA owned by Kroenke Sports & Entertainment was reported by ESPN for having filed for the “LA Gladiator” trademark.

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