Customer support? Done.

Effective businesses realize that keeping clients is definitely less exorbitant than procuring new ones. Giving a great customer support nonstop, on all channels, is critical to keeping your clients blissful.

Who are we?

We, the Nectox LLC are company located in Chicago, IL. We provide customer support for businesses.Our fundamental objective is to make association between entrepreneurs and their clients. For that job we offer you a variety of tools which might come in handy when setting up your customer support. Nectox, we connect people

Launch New Channels

Resolve issues quickly across all channels: email, chat, social media and voice. Promote dedicated agents to manage specific channels.

No Commitments

Support as a Service is dynamic, so you only commit to the next month. No long term contracts or commitments.

Prepare for the future

Start small with Support as a Service, then expand later into multichannel, proactive onboarding and insights. Get started with just 150 tickets/month.

Scale Fast

Resolve 80% of tickets as you grow 3x, 5x or 10x. Our team expands organically, only as you need us.

Our Notable Clients

Driving technology for leading brands