OpTic have secured the eighth spot at ESL One New York by winning the North American qualifier over Cloud9.

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Eight teams stood at the start of the ESL One New York North America qualifier, including some of the biggest names such as Cloud9, Immortals and OpTic, and played for a single spot at the $250,000 event kicking off in just under three days.

Jordan “n0thing” Gilbert’s team defeated CLG in a narrow best-of-three in the quarter-finals and quickly disposed of TSM on their way to the grand final.

OpTic snatched the last spot at ESL One New York
OpTic snatched the last spot at ESL One New York

On the other side of the bracket, the Brazilians and OpTic won their initial battles over compLexity and NRG respectively before meeting in the semi-finals.

Óscar “mixwell” Cañellas and company squeaked by Immortalsand took on Cloud9 in today’s grand final. After two close encounters, on Train and Overpass, OpTic comfortably secured Cobblestone and grabbed the last spot at ESL One New York.

ESL One New York will begin with a group stage played in the Swiss format, with top four sides advancing to best-of-three single-elimination playoffs. Make sure to stay tuned to Nectox as we’ll roll out the event’s preview as well as the viewer’s guide in the next two days.