NiP are the second team to reach the finals of ELEAGUE Group B after bringing down OpTic 2-1 (3-16 on Cobblestone, 16-2 on Overpass, and 16-14 on Train).

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The second semifinal of day three of ELEAGUE’s Group B saw Swedish team NiP, ranked fourth in the world, taking on Canadian-American-Spanish team OpTic, who are currently ranked fifteenth.

With NiP having comfortably dispatched OpTic in two maps during the group seeding stage, the best-of-three series kicked off on NiP’s map pick of Cobblestone. OpTic star Óscar “mixwell” Cañellashelped his team win their T-side pistolround with a double kill and the North American team powered ahead to an early 3-0 lead.

Following NiP shutting down a sloppy B-take by OpTic and thus winning the first gunround, OpTic yet again bought thanks to their economic management and saving of SMG’s in the previous round and split open the B-site to give themselves a 4-1 lead and reset NiP’s economy.

f0rest and NiP struggled against OpTic on Cobblestone and Train
f0rest and NiP struggled against OpTic on Cobblestone and Train

OpTic continued to exploit the drop-connector area and moved forward, although NiP did pick up one round where Peter “stanislaw” Jarguz almost won a one-versus-three but fell to Jacob “pyth” Mourujärvi when he ran out of bullets.

Will “RUSH” Wierzba and his teammates continued to punish NiP and moved ahead to a 10-2 score, and even forced NiP to use their tactical pause early, the thirteenth round saw Patrik “f0rest” Lindberg finally put some kills on the board (as he was 0-10) by winning a one-versus-two on the B site. But NiP’s efforts were to no avail on the first half as OpTic finished up 12-3.

Wierzba got three CZ-75 kills for his team on the second pistolround and thus gave OpTic a nearly insurmountable lead on the map which the team made good on by closing the remaining rounds and winning 16-3 on Cobblestone.

NAF-FLY and OpTic nearly claimed Train
NAF-FLY and OpTic nearly claimed Train


Overpass was the second map and team captain Richard “Xizt” Landström seemed determined to give OpTic a taste of their own medicine as the Swedes took the pistolround and stormed ahead to a commanding lead on their T-side in the first half, with Lindbergin particular making up for his abysmal Cobblestone performance. NiP finished the half up 13-2.

With OpTic seemingly resigned to their fate on the map, NiP won a two-versus-one on the second pistolround on the B-site (withMourujärvi sticking the defuse) and picked up the following rounds to close the map 16-2.

Train was the decider map (a map widely considered to be OpTic’s best map in the pool) and following a pistolround win for NiP on their T-side, Keith “NAF-FLY” Markovic & co. struck back with forced-up pistols and equalised the score. The early game generally saw OpTic playing a better defense than NiP’s offense, and the half finished 9-6 in favour of the North American team.

Things really began to look as if NiP were going to lose their favoured slot, and the game took on a tone of one of those classic battles, with rounds going tit-for-tat. With OpTic having the monetary lead and an advantage at 14-13 however, NiP force bought and somehow made things work and eventually claimed the final three rounds to take Train 16-14.

Group B of ELEAGUE will conclude tomorrow with the televised group final between G2 and NIP at 04:00 on TBS. Make sure to tune in.